Tasked with developing a social voice and tone that captures the unique spirit and style of the Katy Perry brand, while also driving engagement, following and interest in Katy Perry's recently launched shoewear line,

I defined the social voice of Katy Perry Collections, writing copy for all social channels from the line launch to present day, connecting with Katy Perry's engaged fan base and converting them into loyal customers. Through engaging copy and compelling content, Katy Perry Collections has seen incredible organic growth on social, outpacing industry benchmarks for growth and engagement at breakneck speed. 



Copywriting                                  Content Strategy & ideation


Launch Highlights 

During the three-month launch period alone, Katy Perry Collections amassed:

111,000 social followers

Over 5.3 billion potential social impressions

Average Instagram engagement rate of 26.1% (163x industry benchmarks)

1.73 million engagement actions on brand content

7,200 hashtagged posts by users since launch




Click through the gallery below to see a few examples of my social copy for the Katy Perry Collections Instagram channel.